WHO ARE WE? TECOOM has proven itself to the world in elevator control systems sector Was established in 2018 by Hedefsan. TECOOM, Hedefsan He is a member of Hedefsan family such as Electronic and Speed ​​Automation.

It emerged as a result of the experience and knowledge accumulated since 1971. Governance installation and maintenance of the board, as well as the production of board board and control board, is specialized in the production of escalator assembly, elevator mechanical equipment and has successfully served customers in these sectors for years. TECOOM works to develop existing elevator technologies. our company The main purpose of human transport systems is the security of the day more and more It is to remove. TECOOM, which takes its power from engineering for a more livable future, is a pioneer and exemplary sector with its technological products.

We are producing our production facilities at 3200 m2 area. Our technological facilities to produce products in compliance with world quality standards Our investments to increase the quality continues. Konya Facility:
600 m2 Administration Building 450 m2 Electronic Card Production Line 650 m2 Control Panel Production Line

Antalya Facility:
1500 m2 Mechanical Parts Production Line

TECOOM has never adopted a sales-oriented working principle. Central focus point Customer satisfaction is determined by our company, the quality of proven elevator components brings together for customers. High quality products in the fastest way to customers all Supplied with components. TECOOM, which passes every product that it receives into the inventory, passes the tests and tests, by maintaining its responsibility, the product can never be finalized and finalized. transportation is. TECOOM document checking of each product in the inventory It realizes.

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